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Facility Management

Facility Management and Outsourcing

All those management and organizational activities not usually core for the company but which are however essential to make the company more productive and competitive. With the supervision of our qualified staff working on site with you (Site Manager) and making the most of our technical skills and direct experience from more than 15 extremely large buildings, we have chosen highly specialized partners to offer the following services:

Management of the buildings (maintenance of all the industrial plants, wirings, mechanical plants, data systems and fire prevention system)

Through a time program and in accordance with a previously agreed schedule, our staff of direct collaborators and a support desk at our branch supervise the punctual and meticulous maintenance tasks. At the same time they can oversee the exceptional maintenance jobs, the proper functioning of all your equipment and systems and the setting up of new systems and plants and even rebuildings.

Cleaning and Sanitation

Starting with your operational needs and your company image, we will define with you the frequency and type of work necessary. We will be able to propose the right balance between costs, results and the standards of service over time. All cleaning products and consumables for toilet facilities are supplied by just one partner.

Security Services

The security service or rather the unarmed surveillance is handled by specialised staff following patrol procedure, security procedures as well as in first aid.

Reception and Switchboard

Thanks to a well-trained and coordinated staff, maximum flexibility and organization of the work schedules, we ensures continuity and high quality of the service.

Post and Delivery Office Management

The service includes the management of the post in and out through collection by our staff, sorting and delivery to the correct office desk or to the corresponding floor. Different types of printing and various assemblies are offered too. The process of adding stamps, cost center management, accounting of the consumptions (through the use of specific report cards) and cash advance. It is even possible to delegate certain activities to specific staff like for example bank errands or errands to notary or legal offices both local or out of town.

Document management and physical archive management

The service is a valid support to companies who need to manage physical and electronic archives of all kinds thanks to a know-how that allows us to deal with printed documents from any sector and of any type, size or quality.
Our acquisition systems, data processing and data storage systems allow us to work with any other information system, creating streams of data able to replace expensive manual data input which has a very high margin of error.

Back office and help desk services, sales support and telemarketing

From many varies businesses or from our own office, we can supply teams of dedicated staff who will work with specific targets and at a predefined cost.
The status of the activity as well as the achievement of the targets are constantly monitored through periodic reports.

Consulting, management of stationery, supplies and consumables, packaging material

We work with competitive suppliers, diversifying the products in accordance with convenience. We take care of supply according to modalities and schedules agreed with the customer. We manage consumptive billing sheet, supplying an analysis of consumption, rationalization of products and of their costs in accordance with your purchasing department. We eliminate the need of stock and we deliver directly to the floor or to the desk.

Office equipment management and supply

Established relationships with leading manufacturers and their retailers will allow us to analyze your current cost per copy and offer a rationalized stock of office equipment studied for the specific productive and operational requirements.