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As service providers of many important companies in the automotive, motorcycle and lorry/farm equipment sectors, merchandising, we manage:

  • more than 60,000 m2 of covered space
  • more than 100,000 items
  • highly specialized skills at national and international level
  • a dedicated team of 45 employees and 100 external collaborators
  • with 10 different IT environments – SAP – Microsoft Dynamics and others which are compartmental

As we said, two different organizational philosophies:

We transfer your items to our warehouse

We agree and arrange with you specific targets identifying all the criteria currently used,
reducing logistic times, cutting down on the possibilities of error or damages, increasing flexibility (we manage with you, peaks, seasonal fluctuation and unexpected problems, all in real time), revising the packaging, studying new patterns of national and international d e l i v e r y a n d distribution.
We expect a significant increase of the quality of the process,
with the direct consequence of reducing costs and so increasing the competitiveness of your product or service.

Or as an alternative...

We bring our solutions to your warehouse

You can place the process in our hands as well as all the responsibilities concerning the buildings and the building conditions, including maintenance.
Or you can pass us specific areas of your process (such as packaging, unloading, inbound, ...) and we will lead you to integration and or outsourcing of the activity.