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Our Story

Founded in Verona in 1980, today the company works with 170 employees. The company was created initially to provide connecting transport services to and from Germany for the photolithography sector and later for the transport of automotive spare parts. Since 90s it has provided logistic services and some years later, it widened its services, offering facility management and outsourcing services.

Our way of being ED

Since the formation over 30 years ago, our mission has been to identify needs of our client in order to create and organize dedicated support in every area of service we offer:
transport, logistic, facility management and outsourcing. Our priority is to gain a clear understanding of our clients’ organization to have clear idea of each client’s requirements to be able to suggest solutions to maximize efficiency and contain costs. Our operational experience helps us to create an organizational set-up created for the specific demands of the client.
With a great deal of experience acquired through dealing with large multinational German automotive companies with a strong need for innovation and rationalization of the working process, we have learned to be flexible running the smallest possible risk. All the services we offer are the result of the great demands that have been made on us and are guaranteed by all of our experience over the years, now benchmarks in the comparison with similar European companies.
Moreover, we are very careful about safety and security improvements within the working environment and giving great importance to these aspects in accordance with current regulations and the law. Our company is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (certificate n.7147) and we use a Quality Management System, certified by the accredited organization Certiquality.