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Since we began, we have made more than 5,000,000 deliveries and today, we transport more than one million packages per year.
Thanks to our purchasing power and our experience, we are able to offer distributive support and personalized prices for your logistic needs.
We are able to minimize anomalies and the incurred management costs, ensuring higher service standards than the market average, allowing you to gain competitiveness and reliability.

National express

We propose a distribution solution geared to speed, guaranteed reliability which can be constantly monitored (with the term ‘reliability’, we mean the number of services carried out within the agreed time).
We can offer three different delivery times nationwide:

  • Standard, in 24/48 hours.
  • Priority, by 12:00 am of the day after collecting in 3,000 Italian cities (70% of the national commercial destinations). Deliveries to Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia are delivered by 12:00 am of the second day after collecting.
  • By 10:30 am, covering 1,500 Italian cities by the 10:30 am of the next day. To Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia the delivery takes 24 hours longer.

Heavy parcel service

Goods with notable weight or volume, tail-lift truck delivery, booking option, the mass retail
channel are the basic characteristics of this type of transport, to which we can add:
- flexible collecting time
- dedicated customer service
- prices based on your requirements and needs.

International air and road transport

We have simply chosen the most active partner with the largest networks, giving you all the
benefits of dealing with just one partner and with the most competitive prices, a result of
our purchasing power.

Dedicated distribution

We can satisfy every and every specific need; from half-arm crane to the station wagon car.


- higher than average reliability
- Specific customer service
- Reduced delivery times
- service standards which can be Web-monitored
- Signed proof of delivery available on-line